HikariSx no Sekai ^_^

jibun no tameni waratte ii yo! xD

a little of wonderful oldies <3 ^_^ Johnny's ~ OTOKOGUMI ~

okkkk ~ I am latelly totally in oldies mode :3 and I just noticed that from my generations less people know about wonderful old music of '80s or 90's in Japan T_T (in my opinion better than today's busybody electro techno beat or pointless boring screamo feel which totally bursts my ears)
and soo I wanted to share (and promote XD) this beautiful jrock/pop/punk group of 1sts from Johnny's ~~
``````` 男闘呼組 (Otokogumi) ````````
their music is wonderful! their melodies are going from rockish ballads to hardcore punk and experimental sound ~ founded by Johnny's they debuted officially in 1988th with their breakout single ''DAYBREAK'' ! and later became as mostly known Johnny's old tresure x3 ~ Members are famous for not being able to graduate from school lol XD not as other Johnny's ^^
most of them are widelly known so they are:

- Narita Shouji (成田昭次), lead guitar (and vocals),
- Okamoto Kenichi (岡本健一) on guitar (and vocals),
- Takahashi Kazuya (高橋一也) on bass (and vocals),
- Maeda Kouyou (前田耕陽) on keyboard (also the leader of the group).
From 1988-1993 they released a total of 10 singles and 8 albums. Also 3 “best of” albums, 2 of which were released after the band had broken up.

I totally ADORE how they sing and how their voices are so different but so beautiful go with each other creating that great sound! yeah all 4 of them sing and play ^^ And for singing in 'chamber' style and playing instruments at the same time ~ great :3
soo please enjoy this beautiful music :DDD
and who gets a chance buy their albums ! :3
btw I would like to recommend also other oldies jrock bends like:  WANDS , ZYYG , BAAD , REV , L'Arc~en~Ciel ,  Valentine D.C. ,     T-BOLAN , B'z , ZARD , Every Little Things...~ etc etc


男闘呼組 (Otokogumi)
Release Date: 1988.09.26

男闘呼組 二枚目 (Otokogumi Nimaime)
Release Date: 1989.06.28

Release Date: 1990.03.28

I'm Waiting 4 You
Release Date: 1991.02.21

5の1・・・非現実・・・ (5 no 1... Higenjitsu...)
Release Date: 1992.06.21

5の2・・・再認識・・・ (5 no 2... Saininshiki...)
Release Date: 1992.07.22

5の3・・・無限実・・・ (5 no 3... Mugenjitsu...)
Release Date: 1992.08.21


Release Date: 1988.08.24

Release Date: 1988.12.27

Release Date: 1989.08.02

Release Date: 1990.01.24

Best Of:

Release Date: 1999.11.20

I'm missing just 8th album, and their last one -
[1993.08.21] ロクデナシ (ROKUDENASHI) ! I hope I can find or buy it someday ><
Other singles and Best Of which contain same songs from these releases I posted here, so I didn't put here those other releases for download *O*,
but I'll name them:

- [1991.01.17] ANGEL
- [1992.06.03] 眠りつく前に (Nemuri ni Tsuku Mae ni)
- [1992.07.01] THURSDAY MORNING
- [1992.08.05] THE FRONT
- [1993.08.21] TOKYOプラスティック少年 (TOKYO Plastic Shounen)
Best Of:
- [1992.12.02] BEST OF BALLADS
- [1994.11.23] NEW BEST 男闘呼組 (NEW BEST OTOKOGUMI)

enjoyy rockiiishhhh time with their beautiful voices instrumentals lyrics and music :3

HEMENWAY ~~~~fulllllyyy discoGRPHY~jrock
OK! SInce this is my FAVOOORITE band from newer jrock wave, and I AM SOOO SADDDD THEY DISBANDED :((((
and since it's hard to find their stuff now, I'll share their music *O*
hope guys you'll enjoy it!!! (because we have MIX here - japanese x korean x chinese XD) and their music is described like new artistic one! so not only rock!

''Hemenway is band formed out of four members who first met while attending the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.
After their graduation in 2008, the two Korean-Americans, Isaac and Charm formed a songwriting team as they went back to their homes in LA. Growing up with great influences from Japanese music and culture, Isaac and Charm were determined to pursue their music careers in Japan. Finally, in summer of 2010, the two set their foot in the land of their dreams. As classmates Toshi and Ogaching reunite in Japan and start a band, “Hemenway” begins to pave their way in the music industry.
The name “Hemenway” comes from a street name in Boston, where the four members lived close by and had unforgettable memories.''
(took description from their - Official Site -)

Unfortunately, band disbanded after their one-man live on April 5th in 2013 at WWW, Tokyo, due to member's disagreement in music style and continuing way of expressing it. :(
裏ヘメ Welcome to the Other Side (Uraheme Welcome To The Other Side) =2012/11/21=

1. Get Up
2. 幻想とダンス ('Gensou to Dansu',Illusion and Dance)
3. Left Unsaid
4. 炎 ('Honou',Flame)
5. あのさ ('Ano Sa',Hey)
6. Dream Fighter
The Music =2013/12/25=

1. Listen
2. The Music
3. 半分人間 ('Hanbun Ningen',Half Human)
4. tonight
5. バイマイサイド (Album Ver.) (By my side)
6. 幻想とダンス ('Gensou to Dansu',Illusion and Dance)
8. フューチャー考察 ('Fuyuuchaa Kousatsu',Future Consideration)
9. 花降る夜 ('Hana Furu Yoru' Flowersfall night)
10. 祈り ('Inori',Prayer)
11. 優しい言葉 ('Yasashii Kotoba',Kind Words)
12. 火花 ('Hibana',Spark)
13. Escape
14. あのさ ('Ano Sa',Hey)
15. スタート革命 ('Sutaato Kakumei',Start Revolution)
16. Will You Stay?
17. Goodbye
18. 迷い道の上で ('Mayoi Michi no Ue de',On the hesitation road)
Listen =2011/11/02=
1. Listen
2. Will you be there
3. Not About
4. Listen (Burning Guitar Ver.)
By My Side =2012/01/25=
1. By My Side
2. Dust
3. Dear Junior
4. By My Side (Flying Guitar Ver.)
Escape =2012/05/23=
1. Escape
2. Shifting
3. ここにいない君へ ('Koko ni inai kimi he',To you who are not in here)
4. Escape (Lightning Guitar Ver.)
フューチャー考察(Future Consideration) =2013/01/30=
1. フューチャー考察 ('Fuyuuchaa Kousatsu',Future Consideration)
祈り(Prayer) =2013/02/27=
1. 祈り ('Inori',Prayer)
2. Under the Same Night Sky

優しい言葉(Kind Words) =2013/03/20=
1. 優しい言葉 ('Yasashii Kotoba',Kind Words)

花降る夜(Flowersfall night) =2013/04/24=
1. 花降る夜 ('Hana Furu Yoru' Flowersfall night)

吐かない言葉(Fleeting Words) =2013/05/22=
1. 吐かない言葉 ('Hakanai Kotoba',Fleeting Words)

スタート革命(Start Revolution) =2013/06/26=
1. スタート革命 ('Sutaato Kakumei',Start Revolution)
2. 吐かない言葉
3. Dreamboat
4. スタート革命 (アニメ OP Ver.)
5. スタート革命 (Shining Guitar Ver.)
火花(Spark) =2013/07/24=
1. 火花 ('Hibana',Spark)

The Music =2013/08/28=
1. The Music

Will You Stay? =2013/09/25=
1. Will You Stay?
2. Will You Stay? (Unpligged Ver.)

迷い道の上で(On the hesitation road) =2013/10/16=
1. 迷い道の上で ('Mayoi Michi no Ue de',On the hesitation road)
and DON'T FORGET TO *BUY* their ALBUMS if you find it on CDJAPAN, YESASIA or if you find any other oportunity buying some of their discography :))))))

my current obsession -anime - MAGI - & main boys characters & etc ~ *O*~
ginhiji, gintoki, hijikata, gintama

uhhh wasn't here soo long! *o* sorry to all who I didn't answer till now I'll do that until the end of summer xD

but, I just wanted to share my current obsession over anime MAGI !!
this is such an incredible piece of well written and thought characters and mix of genres with much politic, science, mythology, history, fantasy, and beuatiful full of meanings sad and happy moments and episodes of life of each character ~

I liked both seasons! and mfg I really didn't think this will be so great! I was skeptical to start it because many new anime just fail to impress me, most of new things are honestly overrated angsty violence trash for me.. x.x srry but my opinion.
but MAGI surprised in 1st episode already! Everything goes with it's own flow you can and can't predict what is behind, what connects everyone, or who have which goal..
it's going like slice of life but it's acctually adventure and mystery and I like how the mode switches in many scenes but nothing is too fast or forced on.
You'll see here mix of feels and simmilarity with old Arabic coutries and its legends, Asian old kingdoms and their legends, Roman empire, something like mysterious vanished Atlantida, philosophical old Greece, legendary people from lost continent Lemuria, Sparta, Celtic kingdom, Nordic land, Mesopotamia, Hebrews hystory, sects and evil organisations like Illuminati, Israel legends, Babylon, Old Testament characters.. etc etc etc
the story of Story and story of characters and events are interwoven; and I enjoyed and could understand or judge every chara and action. Because here is shown bad and good side in another light and in well interpreted connection to its cause..

but mfg MUSIC and art and SEIYUU-VOICES {when I say SEIYUU I mean BOYS mostly :P} <3 :DDDD
- ONO DAISUKE - as Sinbad <333 I literaly died when I heard & saw Sin @>>>>>@ this is one of the most smart and interesting personality in Magi for me and he is SOO secretively but nonchalantly avoids to tell main cause of his actions~

(you can guess my fav chara already XDD)

- lol yeah after it Sakurai Takahiro - as Ja'Far ~ ohhhh how I like this split person chara :3

then - Yuki Kaji - as Alibaba wwwww that sweet voice again protagonist loved it it so suited chara!! he has many things going on in past and no one knows what's awaiting him in the future ~ but he is so awkward lolll

and ofcourse - Miyano Mamoru - as Mu Alexius www haha Mu was totallyy fav chara in 2nd season of Magi asleader of legions :D

like fav phrase:
MU: ,,Scheherezade-sama what must we do? army is attacking.. etc etc.. ble bla bla''
SCHEHEREZADE: ,,.....Muu....''
MU: ,,What Scheherezade-sama?''
SCHEHEREZADE: ,,...smile''

and his face after this lololol XDD

- and ahhh - SHOWTARO MORIKUBO - as Sharkkan !!! ahhh this sessy creature of swordsman :3

-and this deep voice of Yoshimasa Hosoya - as Masrur wwww ughhh chillls over the skin too strong fanalis *Q*<3

- ofcourse our 1st evil Magi Kimura Ryohei - as Judal ~ personally most adorable and interesting villain xD

~~~~ and now our Ren boys in Kou empire xD
- main ultimate macho Yuuichi Nakamura  - as Kouen ~~ :3 totally straightforward and little dumb when it comes to understanding situation and widing horizonts lol

- wwww Satoshi Hino  - as Koumei (my personal fav from Kou empire <3) a little lazy but smart and softhearted ~

- our gorgeous Tetsuya Kakihara - as younger sweet yandereeere Kouha ~~ x3

now interesting hero which seiyuu is enormously known cause of one chara XD
- Kenshou Ono - as Hakuryuu !! XD that ses burn on face ~~

and yeah now to mention super nyawwwas other MAGIs <3
- yeah.. prepare.. ISHIDA AKIRA !!!  - as Yunan ~~ XD ahhhh most mysterious & likes to make jokes of others ~

- and our youngest Magi has female seiyuu but this is gorgeous and cute voice.. and this chara is TOTALLY COOL despite it looks too young, he's great XD sooo I'll mention it here as boys seiyuu :P
Ishihara Kaori - as Aladdin !!! ^^_^ - very smart & calm & cheerful & pervy creature XD

and also my favvvvoooortttiiieee seiyuuu's here but in less important chara list x3

- SUWABE JUNICHI !!!! - as sickly bastard chara Jamil ~ *Q*

- Hatano Wataru - as Spartos ~~ <3

- our FUKUYAMA JUN - as Kassim :DDD

- hardboiled Fujiwara Keiji - as big heart Hinahoho ^_^ ~

- Miki SHinichiro - as Isnan (Ithnan) *QQQ*

- annnnd SUZUMURA KENICHI !! yeah - as Ka Koubun xD one totally fooll chara XD

- wait, yeah one and only.. SUGITA TOMOKAZU !!! - as Drakon ~ yeah this form but when he was human he was sesss *Q*

- and Morikawa Toshiyuki - as UGO <3333

- so last cool chara from 1st season is Takahashi Hiroki - as Zagan ~~

- from 2nd season cute Matsumoto Takuya - as Doron ~~

- Matsuoka Yoshitsugu - as Titus Alexius

- and beautiful Osaka Ryota - as Sphintus Carmen

- and small appearance of our Hirakawa Daisuke <3 - as Ren Hakuyuu ~~~

~~~~~~~~~now to fangirling mode #ignore my seriousness and story point here xD~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ sssoo much cool bishies we have x3 don't you agree with me???!?!

#OUTMODE ~~*~*~*~*~*~~**~FANGIRLING TO BISHIES PARADISE !!!! ~~~*~*~*~*~~**~~**~*~*~*~

ofcourse we have cool girls here but I'll just put 4 pic of them all :P ~

Morgiana                                       Yamuraiha                                Pisti

Kougyoku                                       Hakuei                              Gyokuen

DUnya                                 Toto                          Scheherazade

Sai Lin                                      Myers                                                               Irene


and so On I really REALLLY recommend this anime to everyone! especially to those who like mix of adventure, politic, history, mystery, psyhology, great fights, fantasy, mythology and just great character developement and much of thinking about story and chara's decisions and actions... btw ART IS BEAUTIFUL and

OP & ED are bliss!!! with SO FITTING LYRICS ~

------ 1st OP theme is song V.I.P by jrock band シド (SID) ~~

lyrics eng sub:
Now, my dreams are within my reach
If the loud, comforting cheers
shoot straight into your heart
Then c’mon and jump in
People say they’ll be reborn after tomorrow
But they give up all hope of success
That’s the style of this town
They keep on getting swept away by those excuses
They're nothing more than a chip, swept aside
and surely no longer needed by anyone
And the strange thing is that on the other side of the door
No one's bragging like a V.I.P
Everyone is at the edge of their troubles, including me
But now my dreams are within my reach
Throw yourself in with abandon
I’m at the helm
On the count of three, The show time
If the loud, comforting cheers
shoot straight into your heart

Then c’mon and jump in

---  2nd OP - song Matataku Hoshi no Shita de (瞬く星の下で, Twinkling Under the Stars) by jrock band

ポルノグラフィティ (Porno Graffitti)

lyrics eng sub:
In the wilderness, as far as the eye can see, stands a lone figure
Surely he trembles as he stands
A young girl dreams of a prince on a white horse
Unwittingly, we also fall to such dreams of perfection
No one will recreate
This imperfect world for us
Will you call me naive if I say that I still dream?
In the wilderness, as far as the eye can see, shines a guiding light
Hold it close as you go and the world will smile upon you

If you're lost, consult the twinkling stars
If I think of you while gazing at those stars, the night brightens
And a warm fire lights in my heart

------  3rd OP theme is song ANNIVERSARY by jrock band

シド (SID) ~~

lyrics eng sub:
We have lost our way in a small, dark room
We have been struggling to find the light
Bitterly, we tried again and again
Even so, will the daily trials still be given?
Even if everyone has the same persistent strength,
I still mustered it, even now I still think I can’t
That time I suddenly looked up, and on the words of the pioneers,
I won’t heed, I sing
That way is wrong if you can’t see the tomorrow anymore
Take a breather, there’s also a shortcut from square one
It won’t be that easy, but before you get mixed up will all that,
Somehow, show me how to get to you

------  4th OP theme is song 光-HIKARI- by jrock visual band ViViD ~~

lyrics eng sub:
I will not hesitate anymore
Of which we spread in front of you know
The world to live
Only scar will increase while not protect
I took your hand in the rain that stab in the chest
Tears of thousands have had to gently
I illuminate two people
Dream which I drew with you does not disappear
Hardship goodbye neither forget
Do not fear anymore
The strength to go walking stumbling
Because I found
Light born to cast a shadow
Has led to the future everything
I will not hesitate anymore
Of which we spread in front of you know
The world to live

------ 1st ED theme is song 指望遠鏡 (Yubi Bōenkyō, Finger Telescope) by girl Jpop band 乃木坂46(Nogizaka46)~
lyrics eng sub:
Let’s take a peek
through a finger telescope…
The visible world is entirely a story of the past
So don’t lose sight of the bright future
You have many more dreams and hopes
and if you space out, they’ll slip through your fingers
Instead of seeking a reason to say you can’t do it,
you should try it!

Let’s take a peek
through our finger telescope
Make circles with your fingers and hold them up to your eyes
Imagine the things you’re searching for
and have an adventure in your mind
Where are we headed?
What can you see in between your fingers;
your finger telescope?
It may seem far away, but in reality is near -
The prophesied treasure

------ 2nd ED theme is song The Bravery by band Supercell (performed by Koeda)~

lyrics eng sub:
"You are a hero"
Off you went, believing in those words
While those around you, laughing
"Let him go. He can't do anything"
Let them talk
You're far from weak
Believe in those dreams no one else could reach!
You'll definitely make them come true
Come, fly your own flag
And keep moving forward
The tears you shed are proof that you're alive
Draw strength from your tears!
When you're in trouble, I'll be by your side
So let's go!

And see the whole world

------ 3rd ED theme is song エデン (Eden) by jrock/jpop/hip hop band Aqua Timez ~
lyrics eng sub:
If we could become gentle without making anyone cry
I wonder if we could become heroes without making anyone the villain
That magician boy has no longer magic
I've decided to make that boy smile
I'm sure we weren't born in this world to be burdened by things
but to hold them tightly
We're like a butterfly loop
Gently tied together, even we are torn apart someday
The sky isn't a place to flap your wings
but something to gaze upon. It'll be nice if we could accept it wholeheartedly
It'll be nice if we could walk holding

------ 4th ED theme is song With You / With Me by jpop girl group 9nine ~
lyrics eng sub:
In this colorful world,
is our meeting
really a coincidence?
Even though I do not believe in fate so easily,
I want to dream a same dream with you.

There will be smiles and cries tomorrow,
But "regret" will not be there.
You will be there with me,
So I want to stay strong.
There might be zig-zag,
It's okay to turn zig-zag.
Forever and ever with you
Our road goes on.

AND to mention that SOUNDTRACK wrote legendary 鷺巣 詩郎 (SHIRO SAGISU) ~~~ (composer of Bleach OST) ^^

- OST 1 - MAGI SOUNDTRACK ~Up to the volume on Balbadd~
- OST 2 - MAGI SOUNDTRACK ~To the kingdom of magic~

soooo minna san I hope you'll start enjoying Magi as much as I am ^__________________^

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Can someone help with BL CD Drama????!!!!!!
ginhiji, gintoki, hijikata, gintama
this thing doesn't give me peace !!! >_< since the first time I saw Gintama... and Gintoki.. and Hijikata.. and looked up seiyuu's... Sugita Tomokazu.. Nakai Kazuya... waaaaa I AM IN DESPERATELY SEARCH FOR BOTH OF THEM in the same thing (anime, CD, BL CD).. but I am new into BL CD or CD Drama.. so I couldn't find anything...

do you know maybe if Nakai Kazuya did voice for some BL CD drama where Sugita Tomokazu is also seiyuu (possible SEME/UKE relationship) *o* ????
it can be also any CD Drama where those two give voices together !!! >_<

please someone anyone who knows???

I'll help you with music or with finidng fanficitons or good yaoi..I make playlists, I am wise in korean and japanese and chinese music scene so i can help you searching for artists or albums ! if you need any other kind of help I'll try to manag it, CAUSE I REALLY NEED THIS !!!!

I hope someone will help this poor human beeing >_<

DOES ~full music land~ ^_^
okay ~
 since I am in crazy love with this amazing japanese band ~...
        also it helped me to meet GINTAMA ~ amazing and the best anime I ever watched ~...
                and cause on internet its harder to find their full discography...

here ALBUMS & SINGLES ~ for free download since I know many dont have money to buy all this ~
if links  for download expire, please let me know through comments so I can update :)


P.S STILL if you CAN ! SUPPORT ARTIST BY BUYING ORIGINAL ALBUMS ! :3 at least 1 album you can buy, it's not hard and it will be official support, help and love for this amazing band :)
                                            ~~DOES ~~

      DOES was formed in 2000. in the Fukuoka prefecture              

  • Wataru Ujihara 氏原ワタルうじはら わたる)  Lead vocal Guitar

  • Yasushi Akatsuka 赤塚ヤスシあかつか やすし)  Bass Guitar Chorus

  • Kēsaku Morita 森田ケーサクもりた けーさく)  Drums Chorus


- Singles -

outside  (Indie)  ---------------**** NEW **** ------ update
Release Date: 02.20.2004

Fish For You #2 (Indie)
Release date: 03.08.2006.

明日は来るのか (Ashita wa Kuru no Ka "Will Tomorrow Come")
Release Date: 09.06.2006.

赤いサンデ (Akai Sand "Red Sunday")
Release Date: 11.01.2006.

(Sangatsu "March")
Release Date: 03.21.2007.

(Shura "Carnage")
[Spoiler (click to open)]5th ending for anime Gintama
Release Date: 05.16.2007.

サブタレニアン・ベイビー・ブルー (Sabutarenian Beibī Burūs "Subterranean Baby Blues")
Release Date: 10.31.2007.

(Donten "Cloudy Weather")
[Spoiler (click to open)]5th opening for anime Gintama
Release Date: 06.18.2008.

陽はまた昇 (Hi wa Mata Noboru "Sun will Rise Again")
Release date: 10.22.2008.

世界の果て / トーチ・ライタ (Sekai no Hate / Tōchi Raitā "The World's Edge / Torch Lighter")
[Spoiler (click to open)]ending theme song for movie Crows Zero
Release date: 04.08.2009.

夜明け前/チョコレート (Yoake mae/ chokorēt ''Predawn Chocolate Twilight'')
Release date: 02.17.2010.

バクチ・ダンサー / 僕たちの季 (Bakuchi Dansā / Bokutachi no Kisetsu "Gambling Dancer / Our Season")[Spoiler (click to open)]1st opening and 1st ending for anime series Yorinuki Gintama-san nd anime film Gintama: Shinyaku Benizakura-Hen
Release date: 04.21.2010.

ャック・ナイ (Jyakku Naif "Jack Knife")
[Spoiler (click to open)]Opening theme song for the PSP game Kenka Bancho 5
Release date: 10.20.2010.

今を生きる (Ima wo ikiru ''Live in the moment'')
[mising 2 tracks, I hope I can soon buy this beautiful single *O*]
missing 2 tracks from this beautiful single, I hope I can buy it soon :3
Release date: 03.14.2012.

夢見る世界 (Yume Miru Sekai ''World of Dreams'')
[Spoiler (click to open)]
3rd opening for anime series Space Brothers
Release date: 11.14.2012.

紅蓮 (Guren 'Crimson Lotus')
Release date: 07.02.2014.
[Spoiler (click to open)]
15th opening for anime series Naruto: Shippuden


DOES (Indie)         ********************* NEW****** updated *low quallity*
Release Date: 06.2002.

Release Date: 11.08.2006.

Release Date: 11.18.2007.

The World's Edge
Release Date: 04.29.2009.

Release Date: 07.21.2010.

Modern Age
Release Date: 12.15.2010.

Five Stuff

Release Date: 07.27.2011.

Release Date: 05.09.2012.

Included in Compillation:                 ******* NEW******* Updated *******************
Music for PARDISCO (Omnibus music compillation)
Release Date: 06.05.2004
song: 3時間前 (3-Jikan mae)

GinHiji drug time *O*

wahhh finally I got again to look at my collextion of beautiful GINTAMA doujinshi <3

OMFG I got soo many freaking good ones with GinHiji !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                ginhiji ugh
I just *nosebleed* over them.. can't read all now.. too much for my brain *O*

   but seriously.... GINHIJI ... it's the best pairing ever... its soo perfect.. pure perfection ..


next ~

Kagura x Okita pairing *o*
seriously.. it's fist male/female pairing I ever shipp O.O but they are perfect together XD <3
also Otae x Kondo and Kondo with others XD
and TakaZura and Sakamoto x Takasugi and Katsura ~
also Sa-chan x Zenzou ~
and SHinpachi x Kyuubei *o* OMFG those were surprisingly good ones XDD

www... now after this monthly dose.. I need to listen to DOES a little.. and..

what do you think I started this all..
I AM SO FIRED UP FOR GINTAMA CONTINUING THIS YEAR ALSO !!!!!!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

now... Prepare... and .. 5 days more ------> for sSTART XD

http://adf.ly/Gz4PJI'll update mu tumblr with Gintama news ^^ hope I'll get new Doujinshi also soon *o*

my current collection ~

*GinHiji* [english subbed]                                                             GINHiji [japanese raw]                                                                                       
1 #10                                                                                           1. Acid Blue
2. 1108                                                                                        2. Amayadori
3. 14 Carats Gold                                                                        3. An Accomplice
4. 10th October                                                                           4. Bitter Sweet
5. 99%Liberty                                                                              5. Cherry Shadow Porn
6. 3650 (Vol 1,..)                                                                         6. Choujou kessen
7. A Daily Life of Cheerful Confinement                                      7. Cross
8. Accesses to you                                                                      8. Cynical Lover
9. Ag+                                                                                         9. Dear my Hate Gside/Hside
10. After school in the biology lab                                              10. Especially 1010
11. Akatoki no Sora                                                                    11. Hajime aru mo owari nashi
12. Angel&Devil                                                                          12. If you are in a Striptease
13. Apricot fizz                                                                            13. Impulse
14. Aru Hare Hareta Hirusagari                                                  14. Iroha uta
15. Autumn glory                                                                        15. Karakaze
16. Bakana Ko hodo Kawaii                                                       16. Kazoku Zenzai
17. Baragaki                                                                              17. Kinou Mayo Tabeta
18. Bambino                                                                              18. Kirakira
19. Because it falls in love                                                         19. Kuchibiru kara biyaku
20. Birthday G                                                                            20. Labrador
21. Bipolar                                                                                  21. Lock On
22. Black Color                                                                           22. Love Call
23. Blind Game, Again                                                               23. MASK
24. Bloomin'                                                                               24. Mayotabe M/S
25. Botan ni Chou                                                                      25. Mazushii
26. Bokura no himitsu                                                                26. Mside
27. Call                                                                                      27. Naite Yannai
28. Call name                                                                            28. Netsu
29. Clever Dog                                                                          29. Nightmarish
30. Crazy for you                                                                       30. Oni to Yasha
31. Distort Spoon                                                                      31. Only to each other in seen
32. Dispersing Love                                                                  32. Oshiire
33. Diamante                                                                            33. Parade
34. DROP                                                                                 34. Present
35. Drunk Game                                                                       35. Raindrop Street
36. Ero Hon                                                                              36. Realtime de Moasasete
37. Es                                                                                       37. Retrospective Summer
38. Futsukago (two days later)                                                 38. Skata-san ushiro kaihatsu hon
39. Furerarenai Karada                                                            39. Sannin douji ni ikanakya dame
40. Gachinko Sweet Home (Vol 1,2)                                         40. Season80100
41. Game Over                                                                         41. Shinmanisoku de Hanesasetai
42. Give and Take                                                                    42. Sleeping time
43. Gin-chan was having his usual evening drink when            43. Sside
44. Gogatsu Itsuka                                                                   44. Summer Days
45. Hadou                                                                                 45. Tenkomori
46. Harukaze                                                                            46. Tobuntarahuku
47. Haretaru Aozora                                                                 47. To nimo Kaku nimo
48. Happy Day 05                                                                    48. Tossing
49. Heads or tails                                                                     49. Tsuki ni Makeinu
50. Here's to Celebrating You!                                                 50. Tiger and cattle
51. HG ristorante HG PARTY! Memorial Anthology                  51. Untouchable
52. Hikari no Delta                                                                    52. Wakuraba no koi
53. Hinichijousahanji                                                                53. We are in love
54. HIMITSU                                                                             +++54. Amai Memai
55. Hot or Ice                                                                                 55. Secret Code
56. Hopelessly in Love                                                                  56. STH
57. Honey Honey My Honey                                                          57. Ana Sui
58. Impulse                                                                                    58. Kedamono no Youni
59. Ippatsu!                                                                                   59. Ii ko Ii ko
60. Incomplete Us                                                                          60. Hug Me    
61. Jorou Hon
62. Kawaya
63. Kazemashi
64. Kick Out The Jams
65. Kimi ga Kirai
66. Kimi Hikaru 1/2
67. Kimi Iro
68. Kou
69. Kyoushi no Honbun
70. laissez fair no Sokubaku
71. Let Me Hear Voice
72. Lipcord
73. Liar Liar
74. Lively Sex Life
75. Love Love Show
76. Lock on
77. M no Gabou, S no Shinjou
78. Machi de Guuzen Aimashou
79. Mahiru no Tsuki (Vol 1,2)
80. Majide Koi Shitemasu ga, nanika
81. Mazushii
82. Me to Kuchi kara Kotoba
83. Message
84. Memorial
85. Mierumono
86. Moshimo
87. Nude to Aizou
88. Natsu no Akari
90. Negattamono wa Hitotsu no Ai
91. Near Miss
92. Neko ni XX
93. NightLine
94. Not enough eroticizm
95. Natsusame
96. NUDE
97. Onaji Yoru
98. ONEDAY-365day 1/2
99. Only each
100. Otoshimono wa Keisatsu e
101. Otonaru Gradations
102. Parallel Line
103. Pansy
104. Popsicle
105. Present H
106. Red bed
107. Repeat
108. Reverse Present
109. Rewrite
110. Return Match
111. Ride On
112. Rikka
113. Rinki
114. Sakura no Toki
115. Sakura Biyori
116. Satou Kashi no you da
117. Seiten Kichijitsu
118. Senkou Hanabi
119. Shitsurai
120. Shinman
121. Shirushi
122. Slapstick
123. Sono Tabako wa Kisu no Aji ga Suru
124. Sora no Ochiru Basho
125. Sound less
126. SOS
127. Strange Night
128. Strawberry Melody
129. Strawberry Sex
130. Sunshine Underground
131. Sunshine Hero
132. Syrup Feeder
133. Tabun Kimi no Hoshii Mono
134. Tame ni naranai renai kouza
135. Telephone line
136. Tender
137. Tight Rope
138. Toki wa sou
139. Toni mo kaku ni mo
140. Transistor Train
141. True Romance
142. Tsukawanakatta Koyubi
143. Tsubame ga Hikuku tobu hi
144. Ultra Relax
145. Unconditional Love
146. Yumemita Mono Wa Hitotsu No Koufuku
147. Yoru wa Kurikaesu
148. Yoru no Sukima
149. Yoshiwara
150. DDD!
151. Shumi wa Zenryoku Nyuukon de

D'espairsRay!! Human-clad Monster! ^_^
 At first I finally got to know about D'espairsRay coming to Europe ON TIME xP and immediately through internet, I ordered tickets for my friend (Aya-chan), my sister and me!!! It was sooo unreaaaall! I was sooo happy! feeling like screaming all week xD
legendary Despa is commming! so close! Hizumi, Karyu, Tsukasa, Zero..I will see and hear them for reall?!!?!? yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy ^_^ I keep thinking about it alllll month before concert!

I had a problem with money so I was working with my friend to get enough for concert and train, I told myself that I will do anything, just to go ^.^  
and finalllyyyy one week before concert in Budapest!  I suddenly found, on some site, that Hizumi have problems with his voice and that all members will take a break untill Hizumi recovers...awwww it was really shocking..x(
I was in doubt that they will cancel concerts in Europe..and if not, how Hizumi could sing....
then I saw videos from concert in Poland and I was like 'wooow they are amazing! even if vocalist have problems they performed soooo great!'' can't wait for Budapest! :D

last day was soooo in hurry and rush about preparing for a concert xP
before that day, I met through internet, a few girls from Serbia, they were also going to concert and we agreed to meet at the train xD
and yayyyyyyyy finally! at midnight we got to the train^^
we were so excited that we really couldn't sleep! and on the train we meet the girls (Nika, Sophie, Katty, Ana, Yuuki-chan), they are amazing and friendly, I am really glad that I meet them^^, all thanks to Despa <3 we were all night talking about jrock, anime, japanes and koreans bishounens...
and in the morning we got there..Budapest^^.. I was there before so it wasn't unknown for me xP..we immediately got information about our train and time when we must arrive on the train station..
outside was really cold and blew a strong cold wind O.o so we waited for MacD to open so we can rest properly..after all mess and rest we walked through the center where we saw a tourist group from Japan *o* nyaaa they were old but nyaaa we were *stalking* them saying that they could make us aware of their childrens xD LOL ^_^
after taking of pictures in front of some monuments, we decided to split up, and I with my sister and Aya-chan went to search for japanese shop that I found on internet so we can finalllyy bought manyyy anime/manga jrock/pop stuff XD
we was searching for about 1-2 hours and we even bought the map of the city O.O and finally when we reach that little place secretly trown in one little street..*o*..
wahhhhhh so many posters Miyavi, Despa, Diru, Gazze, Gaku, Versailles, T-shirts bloks, badges, albums, books, ,mangas, cosplays, key-rings, cups...**o** wahhh we were there about 3 hours, and like maniacs watching and searching and buyig.. it was really cheap so we could get much and shop assistants were really great helping us to choise) we went out from j shop lucky, happy, exhausted, with 4 full bags ^^ 

now we were reaaaaady for Human-clad Monster showww :D
we were walking by map (by that time Aya-chan was feeling unwell because she didn't sleep at all one week, she was on graduating excursion, so I worried a little, we didn't hurry )...

Place reached!!! we were in front of the club and on the roof was one huge flag with D'espairsRay tour name written name on it *o*
wahhhhhh it was soooooo much people O.o someone was waiting from the morning...I couldn't belive.. ''I am standing here, and only a couple hours are left..'' *o*
there was a little mess about places, because Hungarian girls wanted to be first even they arrived later but all was resolved) I found others, they were really close to enter xD there we met with Chroatian and Polish Despa fans so we waited together outside! I must say a greattt THANKS to Nika-chan's father who was going all the way with us and watching our stuffs when we was at concert, really great person! =)

18 hours..we were countdown seconds xD 3,2,1...and.....finallllllllly we can enter!! *o*
I immediately went to see stuff, I borrowed a few euros from one girl from Chroatia, and I am really thankfull to her, I could bought badges, they are sooooo beautifull <3   
one (Zero) I gave Aya-chan (he is her obsession^^), the other two with signs which are missed, I gave my friend who couldn't come to concert..)

Aya-chan with my sister they wanted to rest before concert, so they were sitting on 'balcon' place on the top of the club (don't know how to describe xP)..
I went down, right in front of the stage..I was on the left side when some girls begin screaming, I thought they were going to show up, but it was a stuff memeber who step on the stage to check out instruments and all..he was really handsome xD
a few minutes later again crowd started to scream, I didn't know what was happening, but Aya-chan told me when she come to my place, that Zero (bassist) was showing up a few times and again hiding in rest room..O.o haha he is soooo kawai and crazy <3
and Finally the lights were off, and they went on the stage..*..*   they were.... soo unreall, soo powerfull and yet sooo elegant, and yet soo freee and carefull! It was unbelivable feeling when I saw them staying on the stage a few metres from me and..awwww...
First song started xD
It was BORN (I think xp I was too shocked to remmember first 2 songs..)
Hizumi's voice was soo powerfull and beautifull! He sang amazingly great.. he was jumping and singing and screaming, growling..!! 
when LOVE IS DEAD started it was like wahhhh we allmost all were singing, and dancing! Karyu was dancing on the stage with his guitar and Zero was smilling at us with his charming glare! Hizumi was soo into it  ''Love is Dead la la la la Love is Dead..''
how could he? soo tinny and in 32th years..I was surprised how they are lively and hyperactive all time and singing and playing..it wass soo unbelivable, you just couldn't stand and start jumping and singing with them!^.^ Atmosphere was great!
''Once inffection, twice addiction...''     xD

Song after song..Devil's Parade, FALLING, Finall call, MAZE, WEDICINE, Progress...*...*
even if we were tired wallking around all day and not sleeping we didn't care, actually we didn't feel that..O.o 
you just haven't time to feel something other from fun, happiness, music, them...Aya-chan forget about her illness and was jumping and singing like a crazy! as me my sister and other girls there!
they were soo carefree you could see they were really enjoying singing and playing for us, so we were more into..!
Human-clad Monster <3 one of my favourites from new album..he started to sing *.* it was so beautifull and great! Karyu was dancing and jumping while playing guitar, it was soo strange that he could play perfectly and still jumping and sharing with us all  time *..* Zero was into his world off bass and music xD in a few moments tourning to us and smilling soo cute ^_^ I am angry because we couldn't see Tsukasa behind the drumms x( the lights were standing that we could not see Tsukasa ;(( but nevermind we heard him! his playing drumms was soo awwww! soo powerfull and ellegant with some dose of carefree feelling))

DEATH POINT!!! wahhh death point death point death point! we keep singing and jumping! It was soo crazyy good and fun and we all soo enjoyed when this song started! soo reffreshing! Hizumiii <3 <3

and bells..?..!! finnally my favourite from new DOPE!! *.* awwwww I was on heaven xD  he sang it soo mysticlly and ellegantly ..great great! it was best than on album (>.<) ..
"MONDAY nari yamanai kyuukai no kane no oto....TUESDAY taiyou ga  kuroku somatte yuku...mahi suru itami afureru kanjou wo osae kami..'' <3<3

then lights were off, sillently started drumms with gently rythmic melody..then Hizumi's gentle voice..awwwww  it was ..**..** soo owerfllowing so emotionly.. ABYSS..it wa sooo nice! we were rising our hands with the tackt and Tsukasa's drums, when Zero's bass was playing heartfull melody with Karyu's guitar..it was magicaly beautifull, when blue lights were on and Hizumi silently standing on stage just staring at us with closed eyes, and singing with soo much emotions and powerfull voice))

Then they were taking a break..we were still on heaven  xD just waiting them to come back and sing more, sreaming Despa, D'espairsRay...

then again! wahhh they started REEDEMER!!! legend from their songs! awww soo great atmosphere! "Screaming out your emotions! ima toki hanate your mind, screaming out your emotions! arifureta mirai wo break out! ...kodoku na kono sekai ha kimi no koe wo matteiru, sonzai wo, sono imi wo sakebe" all were singing! it was sooo goood! 

Suddenly I saw one girl breaking bodyguards attention, and when Hizumi was close to the end of the stage singing at us, she jumped on the stage to catch Hizumi..O.o but bodyguard stopped her when she reached the last cm! and throw her to the crowd..O.o I was wonderring who that crazy girl was..but it was one of our girls Yuuki xD she said that she had such big desire to touch Hizumi so she didn't realise when she got to the stage xDD nyahhh I wanted that too! *.*
and Hizumi when he saw her, he was smilling! soo beautifulll and kawaiiiiiii smilllllee!! awww *.* I fall in love!
He raised hand and showed in her way, and pick with eye xD then he turn and goes to the other corner of stage..it was really funny xD

then unusually (I didn't expect) they started MARRY OF THE BLOOD! it's my favouriteeeee! I was soo lucky when I hear that! bells, Hizumi's voice, Karyu's guitar, Tsukasa's drumms, Zero's bass.."Marry you beautiful creature.." awwwww perfect!

TRICKSTAR, HOLLOW, in vain, abel to cain, MaVeRicK... then CLOSER TO IDEAL!!!! wahhhhhh we were alll waiting for this song!!! just dance jump sing rise hands untill you break out! xD it was soo much funn! and enjoyment!
"[myself under control] hakidasareta tameiki to -sayonara- kankaku nibutta atsui yoru ni... " awwwwwwwwwwwwww ***

and suddenly...

MIRROR!!!!! I was about to got infarct! xD hearth diesase xD most of my favourite songs they played! I didn't expect to everyone singing this song! O.o it was soo great feeling! we are were jumping and singing! Hizumi was giving microphone to us in some parts and Karyu was rising his hands and guitar to us! Zero was dancing and replacing with Karyu! it was brilliant!
"why don't you break the mirror, just what you need now! honnou ga motometeru, Why don't you break the mirror , just what you neew now! semete hikari abi hajikete "... those were magic moments!

I don't know exactly when but in one moment, Karyu throwed his guitar pick at us! **..** One girl catched it! then one bodyguard throwed her arm (I dunno why?? O.o) so she lost it! I saw pick on the floor, and before bodyguard realised it I picked it and put it in the pocket! xD I was soooooo lucky!!! awww Karyu was putting this guitar pick in his mouth and throwwing at us xD it's sooo beautifull guitar pick! 140

GARNET ..nyaaaaa !!!!!! best best song their firstly song and yet the top! we were all singing! it was such feelling! Hizumi jumped on the big speaker at my side xD he was taking our hands! *.* then Karyu was like a jumping into us xD
"taema nai netsubyou ni hidokku na sarete iru nemurenai senritsu {Save me from the dark..}.fuantei na kodou chishiryou ni mitanai kairaku to kaihou ..[belived in you]....."  then he begin last part "na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na" it was soooo beautifull! his voice was sooo beautifull and powerfull but still emotionless till the end! I didn't belive he will stand that till the end even with his illness..(>..<)

and FORBIDDEN! I can't describe how much feeling, emotions, fun, and I don't have a word to tell how we feel in that moment! ALL were singing! I say all because really we ALL was singing! ALL were know the words and song! and it was magicaly really really wonderfull! such great mode! we all were enjoying! Hizumi, Karyu, Zero, Tsukasa! wahhhhhhhhh really amazzzzzzzzing!
"Days, all pain, doko made ikeru? waku wo koete, tada kowagarazu ni tsuzuke...kami no otoshiko..........Give me your suffering and sorrow voice, all this bitching and be moaning munashisa ga kakikiesareteiku kai? Give me your hatred and essence all this bitching and be moaning, 'aa..sabite tokeru downwards'"    

..after  we were still screaming ! wanted them  to sing more  ..xP....

then someone from the crowd throw one big blanket with their name and signatures of us, Hizumi put that blanket on himself and jumped again on the speaker so we could shake hands with him! than he give blanket to Karyu so he too was on speaker to prize with us foolling around! xD Zero was like some model sitting on the speaker and throwing watter at us xD it was just awwwwwwww <3
Hizumi was talking on english and japanese! Said it was awesome show! That he is really enjoyed singing with us and that they will come back for sure! ^___^
then others started to fooll around with us till Tsukasa goes behind his drumms xD but he only showed up, shaked hands with a couple of them and throwed drummsticks..*.* then he elegantly turned around and goes to the rest room ..x( awwwww I didn't have a time to look at him properly T.T
about 3 minutes we were still screaming "D'espairsRay" and then....it become battlefield among the girls O.o...^_^ some were searching for guitar pick and those who catched drummstick they were just sitting on the floor and not quiting holding it xD it was kind of funny xP 
but I got my guitar pick  xD

Then we couldn't wait for them to exit..we were in hurry for the train ..so we went x(
then we got on metro..it was like a dreamland..eveyone was just imagining the concert...we still didn't quit from it xD when we arrived at the train station the train was late X.x I was soo angry that we could be more longer there (<.>)..
later..nyah..I don't want to speak about us dreaming in the train and missing station so we were waiting for another train 5 hours and...nyah it was just blah..xP

Still home..and still didn't realised that it's over..O.o..I am just glad that I got there that I see them that I hear them! It was unbelivebaly magicaly amazing! I listened every day their songs! just soo addicted to them! and new album MONSTER..I didn't like it so much in the start, just 2 songs..and after concert..xD it's my FAVOURITE ALBUM FROM THEM NOW! They showed us what they wanted to tell with those songs, and they showed that to us perfectly great! so every song is just awwwww... <3
still rememberring the concert..and really really when they come back I am in the first row!! xD
D'ESPAIRSRAY!!!! 4EVER! THANK YOU FOR GREAT SHOW AND MUSIC YOU GIVE US!!!! we would always 'closer to ideal' with you!!  ^_^

It was like a dream...Gackt in Munich! xD
ginhiji, gintoki, hijikata, gintama
 At first me attending Gackto-sama's concert, it was just Great Damn Luck....^.^

I didn't have internet, because of school. so when it finished, I came to my friend's house to spend a week..I went on internet and saw one post on some forum, that Gackt is coming to Europe!?!? It was 'OMG?!!'  O.o
yeah, I was frustrated ^.^ .it was such shock, I was soo happy!! waiting soo long to see him live in Europe! :D
I momentally searched sites for tickets...but they were all sold out already.. O.o
It was unexpected...and yet it was expected..Gackt is coming in Europe after soo many years!?! Dream or reallity to see him finally.. ^.^

I was really depressed..( I was like emo  -.-)  ..I knew that I Really Really wanted to go to the concert!..
but still I had hope..
and 5 days before the concert, I found one girl through forum and eBay, we sent a messages to each other (I commented on the most forums and sites where Gackto-sama's tickets were to find..)..The girl said she had one ticket free, because her friend couldn't come, so she will give me a ticket at the concert directly, and I will pay her...
It was really a SHOCK! I was on a HEAVEN!!^^ hyperactive all day and days before the concert xD
I was feeling like I can fly! xP (no! really! you wouldn't belive me how much I was happy to be able to get a ticket and go on a Gackto-sama's concert !!^>^)

Nyah..I don't want to tell here a borring story about my Mom beeing mad, not having money, and complications with coming on the concert...=.=

but Finally I get there! xD
I was like in the Wonderland, I came at 16h (travelling to Munich for 14 hours -.- so I came this late), In the way, I asked people about concert and place, but most of them didn't know (It was surprising for me O.o) so I was looking only my map and the route I took from the Google map at home ^.^

I arrived!! It's not  so specially big place or anything, just ordinary place for concerts. It was full of people!!
Most of them arrived in the morrning, and they were all waiting for GACKT! xD
I was sooo crazzzy happpy seeing so many people who love j-music, k-music, wearing T-Shirts with names of jrock singers and bands (Gackt, Gazette, Versailles, D'espairs ray, Dir en Gray, Hyde....), wearing cosplays, lollita clothes...*.*   (In my country small number of people knows about  j-music, cosplays, anime, and we  don't have such stores and shops -.-)
I found the girl with ticket, she really is amazing girl who loves Gackt, jmusic, anime, Moonchild  xP
When I got the ticket...whoooaaahh...it was such a feellling ^.^  ''I'm holding it..I can't belive...I can't belive!...''

Yayy xD We went (An.chan-the girl, and me) to get the better place for coming in.
All the people there were amazing, I made many friends, really all were carefree, good, friendly...^.^..
from many countries over the world, many Dears went to see and hear GACKT! Thank you Gackt, your music make so many people around the world connected to become one!)

In the start we were just buying YFC stuff!!^.^ and searching for the best place that we can reach...
I wanted CD and other stuff, but I didn't have so much money, so I bought one key ring with YFC tittle on it!

I really was surprised about one thing, and it was soo great! *o* what I first heard, when I entered, was classical music, it was Chopin as I remember (don't kill me if I am not right xP)...wahhhhh sasuga from Gackto-sama!! Perfect to the end x)))
(it was really great technique of performance those classical pieces, I know as I myself am playing Chopin now in school on piano^.^)

and FINALLY the lights turned off, and first who comes on the stage were You and ChaCha and Jun-Ji, Chirolyn, they were soo full of energy and enthusiasm wahhhh I was melting seeing them *.*
and ..and...the star of the concert..GACKT finally get on the stage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We were all screaming before him coming, and when we saw him... it was really insane ^.^
 (I told myself  that I won't be a 'crazy fan girl' ..but I really couldn't help myself! seeing him...xD! for those who were there, they know what's that feeling! xD)

Concert started with song ZAN! Gackt was with KATANA!!!! *.* I was on a Heaven! Gackto-sama like samurai! ^_^
then katana misteriosly disapeard after Zan O.o I really didn't saw where he threw it or what he does with it.. but guys it's a Gackt xD
then it was Dybbuk, I didn't know this song well, but after Gackt's dance and his kawai singing in this song....
mmmm **love**
now it's one of my favorite song! so much emotions and umm.. thoughts *.* xD
and Gackt all the time was dancing, singing so powerfully with his beautifull voice!
really his VOICE  live...*.* beautifully magical!!! wonderfull voice!

then we realised that there was soo hot and hard to breathe (they didn't have air-conditioners -.-) so we all (the Gackt and other members and we fans) were so wet that we were leaking sweat like water. o.O
but fortunatelly the guards were really great, they were helping girls who fainted and they were bringing us the water and we all shared it))
then You and ChaCha and Gackt were throwing bottles with water at us (it was like a battle xP)
I didn't catch anything -.- because they didn't trow anything in my way, and I am sooo jelous of those fans who suceseed to catch Gackto-sama's T-Shirt!!! O.o *.*  *nosebleed*

GACKT and GacktJOB..the guys were so unreall! HOT! so full of energy, hyperactive, they were giving us all they have to show us their great music!
I liked Jesus! it's so full of energy song! and Gackto was singing this song with such voice! Everyone were singing among with Gackt and rising hands all the time)
then he sang  Mind Forest , Nine Spiral and White eyes! I like tose songs a lot!!!!! and Lu;Na <3

suddenly it was really hard for Gackt, because he fainted x(( I really felt sorry for him! I wanted to help him to reach the stage..and I really was surprised when the girls and guys in front of me were pushing Gackt back on the stage, <I thought he would be raped lol>! ^.^
then after break he returned with others xD we again were screaming like a hell!! *
and we were singing all the time with him (most of the songs x)) he really was surprised when he heard that we know his songs on japanese ^>^

finally my first song that I heard from him and my *irreplaceable favouriteeee!! he began FLOWER <3<3<3
ohh...guys I really can't describe it with just a words...*.*
it's just sooo many feelings and emotions******...
he sang it soo fantastic ))))))) I really was about to cry ;) he kneeled down on the most dramatic part.. and damn such VOICE .. ughh  and in some parts he gave us microphone and we all sang!^.^
I was surprised that so many of them knew that song!!! ^.^   it was so AWESOMEEE!!!

then Kagero!*.* waaahhhh I can't express it with words too, how amazingly he sang! yayyy *.* beaautifull really beautifull and 10 times better in LivE! ^_^

I like Uncontrol as well!! !! I really want that performance Uncontrol on CD x)))))
EVER was too, it's such an wonderfull single!!! the lyrics, melody, his performance..like it! and now I am only listening that song..^.^ I can't stop xD

and he is really from that kind of people, 'no matter what, he will do something to the end'..it was on this concert!
I really saw that he is feelling unwell, but he sang and keeped his voice powerfull untill the end!
It was really wonderfull to hear his all songs from album! (he sang 13! I really was surprised when I realised that O.o x)))

Till the end they were sharing with us, playing, singing and dancing! with such a spirit! They are great guys!)
they really created great atmosphere on the concert!
I had feeling like I'm in some dream! ^_^  really.. those guys seemed to me so unreal!!
at the end Gackt told that it was one of the best nights and he never forget this show and concert and us))
and he promised to come back that we can again sing together! x)))))
Maybe I'm mistaking, but I belive he cried that moment, and I was feeling like I will cry (maybe I am..)
I really don't cry and long time I didn't have that strong feeling like I felt on the concert^.^

they went..You and ChaCha was on  the stage much longer than others, and they were joking with us xD
especially ChaCha xDD I really like him! and You! (obviously after Gackto-sama xp)

it finished..in one instant ..*
I really wish that concert again! This amazing music, feelings..^.^
I really wish that Gackt will be back!
and really wish to bring my friends next time, they couldn't get the tickets on the concert..  ^.^

It was really unforgetable, AWESOME, amazing, magicaly, beautifull!!!!!!!! (I am not praising this concert so much as I'm joking, or because I'm crazy or anything xP, but it's really the best concert I ever was )

Thank you Gackto-sama for such amazing concert, for beautiful songs and enthusiasm that you bring to us with you! Your music gives people irreplaceable feelings, courage, relief, inspiration!  :))
Thank you YFC members! We really want you back again! ^.^ xD
it was really really unforgetable beautiful show!!!))))


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